martedì 16 dicembre 2008

Get out of me

I gave you everything,
really everything,
now get out of me.

You gave nothing but pain,
Why do you call me?
How am I? It’s not your business anymore.
Are you looking for forgiveness?
Are you looking for my go ahead to love her?
Do you have fun in hearing me? Is it amazing?
Should I understand? Try to be in my shoes…
No apologizes.

You have no chance to fool me.
You won’t fool me anymore.
Once it’s enough….and even too much I think.

You deserve nothing
You’re not good…you’re just bad stuff
I surely deserve something more than you.
Something more than a dishonest and disrespectful child

You deserve loneliness
How can I forget? How can I forgive?
How can you understand?
You go on laugh at me and ignore the pain I feel.

Get out of me.

All this time you have thrown away,
Every single moment of it.
You, liar. You, false.
You have destroyed everything.
Are you succeeding in destroying me a bit more? Are you looking for this?

My nights are broken. My light is broken.
No dreams left. And the dreams of yesterday was thrown away.
Good work you did.

You’re not worth.
Your voice is noise. Your laughs are annoying.
You are unable to feel something.
You are just not good enough

Don’t hurt me anymore.
Be alone in your darkness.
Get out of me.
You can give nothing.

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